Transfer Paper: MONSTER SIZE

Transfer Paper:  MONSTER SIZE

FULL SIZE patterns??

Covers a full sheet of plywood!
Any project with a curved workpiece (or inside lines for painting) will require you to transfer the pattern lines to the wood at some point during the project.

Save your patterns for future use and make your project easier.  Transfer paper makes fully eraseable black lines appear on wood, plywood -- it even traces on paper, cloth, and other materials.  Use it over and over again, getting 10's even 100's of uses from just one sheet. . .then fold it back up and store in the supplied protective plastic bag.

How it works:
1.  Lay a piece of transfer paper on the wood and secure with masking tape.
2.  Lay the pattern on top of the transfer paper and secure.
3.  Finally, trace the pattern with a dull pencil -- the lines are transferred.

MONSTER PACK contains one sheet of 2'x16' long transfer paper -- that's enough to cover a full sheet of 4'x8' plywood!  Plenty to match huge patterns line for line.

Transfers patterns to wood quick-and-easy, saving your plans from being cut up and ruined. . .4'x 8' coverage,
Just $9.50!
Read more about Transfer Paper here -- it's totally re-useable!