Nativity Scene -- Pre Painted Posters

Nativity Scene -- Pre Painted Posters


There are 14 characters in our PRE-PAINTED Nativity scene poster project -- that's right, there is no painting required to acheive the exact results pictured here! A customer actually sent in the very photo you see to the right. He made this project and so can you.

Each 2/3 LIFE SIZE pre-painted figure is printed on durable, heavy-stock paper. In a nut shell, each figure is glued to the material of your choice (usually 1/2" plywood) then cut out and set up for the family and neighborhood to enjoy for years to come.

Maybe you've seen this Nativty set before. The time-tested design has been around for 50+ years. We often get calls from customers who say that they are refurbishing a set their parents owned 20 or 30 years ago, proving that if you take your time and do the project correctly it will last for a long time. It's a great project that will save you money, plus give you and your family much more home-made enjoyment than a store-bought Nativity.

Your investment includes the $50 for these posters, plus you'll need to purchase three sheets of plywood, a gallon of wood glue, a gallon of primer paint, and a gallon of polyeurethane for waterproofing (should you elect to use it). All said and done, the project will cost about $150, depending on where you reside in the country and if you have any of the materials already on hand. Following the simple directions, ANYONE can do this project.

As we mentioned, the picture you see here is not a promotional photo, but was sent to us by customer and fellow woodworker Keith Donker. He did such a great job in showing the beauty of this project that we now use his photo to show woodworkers and crafters the beauty of this Nativity display. THE 14 FIGURE NATIVITY SET includes Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Angel, Wise Men, Shepherd and animals. The camels stand 5' tall for reference.

Complete and detailed instructions are included with the posters.

Please Note: International shipping not available on this product.

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